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    Kashful Asrar By Khomeini In Urdu Pdf Free Download. Adobe Acrobat XI Easily edit and convert your PDF files to Word, PowerPoint. Kashf Al-Asrar / کشف الاسرار [roholah khomeini] on iningilworkren.tk *FREE* shipping a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Kashf al-Asrar is a book written in by Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic . "Political Legitimacy in Khomeini's Kashf-i Asrar (The Unveiling of Secrets)" (PDF). ^ Ghorbani, M (2 June ). "A Book Named Kashf al-Asrar".

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    Kashful Asrar By Khomeini Ebook Download

    1 Kashf-ul-Asrar-Al-Manar-Vol · 2 Kashf-ul-Asrar-Al-Manar-Vol Be the first one to write a review. 7, Views. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Kashf-ul-Israr - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read In it, Khomeini has stated with full force and clarity that Hazrat Abu Bakr, Haz. Kashful asrar - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

    Download its Urdu translation. His list of books is also given. This book is considered a milestone for wayfarers of Tasawwaf and Sufism.. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. To see more from Free Pdf Books on Facebook,. The PDFs of all 12 books is online to download for free.

    This book is considered a milestone for wayfarers of Tasawwaf and Sufism.. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. To see more from Free Pdf Books on Facebook,.

    The PDFs of all 12 books is online to download for free. Here is the link to download Maanii books in PDF format https:. Muhammad ibn AbdulWahab said in his book Kashful shubuhat. Kashful Mahjoob English version is. This book is the most famous work of.

    Bashaoor Pakistan. Home; Latest News.. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to:. He wrote several books on Islamic mysticism and philosophy in Persian and Arabic.

    His most famous work is. This book is a collection of almost questions by, and answers for, pious traditional Shi'a on how to be good Muslims. After urination, one must first wash the anus if it has been soiled by urine; then one must press three times with the middle finger and the base of the penis; then one must put his thumb on top of the penis and his index finger on the bottom and pull the skin forward three times as far as the circumcision ring; and after that three times squeeze the tip of the penis.

    The traditional Muslim practice of establishing kinship relations through the breast feeding of a nursemaid requires that "the child drinks the milk of a woman who is alive. Thus it is useless to drink from the breast of a dead woman. Others who are not of Mohammed's descent enter menopause when they finish the age of fifty.

    Resaleh p. The closest Khomeini ever comes to offering an explanation is this run-on sentence in question on the danger of drinking alcoholic beverages. Wine is the root of evils and the source of sins and whoever drinks wine loses his sanity and does not recognize God at that time and has no fear of committing any sin and has no respect for anyone and does not respect the rights of his close relatives and does not turn away from flagrant indecencies and the spirit of faith and piety exits from his body and a defective spirit of devilishness, which is distant from God's mercy, will remain in him and God and the angels and the prophets and the faithful will curse him and his prayer will not be accepted for 40 days and on the judgment day his face is black and his tongue is lolling out and his saliva is running over his chest, loudly crying of thirst.

    Finally, readers may be surprised to learn is that almost all of Resaleh Towzih al-Masa'el was copied, not written by Khomeini. Resaleh Towzih al-Masa'el is a sort of template, the original having been written by the revered Ayatollah Sayyid Hossein Borujerdi a decade earlier.

    Borujerdi's book in turn was based on a turn-of-the-century text by Sayyid Kazem Yazdi's d. Khomeini was one of many mujtahid clerics who published copies of the work with slight variations on the original, [4C] though which parts are Borujerdi's original fatwas and which are Khomeini's input is not explained.

    Note: in the citations below, the numbers refer to those found in J. Borujerdi's translation, the page numbers refer to the Little Green Book, whose translations are more readable. Khomeini on Cleanliness More than a quarter of the questions in Resaleh out of nearly , talk about purity and impurity.

    Khomeini relates how many times to wash a container contaminated by a dog three times in "small water" a quantity of water less than about liters [5C] after first rubbing it with dirt, ; how many times to wash a container "from which a pig has drunk fluid" seven times "with small water as well as with Kor "big water," i.

    If it has, it can purified by "running water of rainwater which falls directly into it, or rainwater driven into it by the wind, or carried to it by a drainpipe. After all these are religious definitions of cleanliness for religious rituals and duties. You want laws of religion you listen to a religious scholar. You want disease prevention or control you go to a public health worker Not quite. As the translator of Resaleh Towzih al-Masa'el J. Borujerdi says, "the man or woman in the streets of Iran knows but one universe, i.

    Iran and other Muslim countries being very poor there were few if any public health officials, nurses or physicians running around to poor villages spreading the world about disease prevention at the time this book was written. The village mullah or sheikh was THE only local learned authority, the man to go to for any question. If he and books used in his place had nothing to say about hygiene, germs, infection, disease, it was a serious matter.

    Furthermore, Khomeini himself is adamant as we will later see that Muslims should know "but one universe.

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    He instituted laws and practices for all human affairs There is not a single topic in human life for which Islam has not provided instruction and established a norm. That some Muslims were under the impression "that Islam consists of a few ordinances concerning menstruation and parturition" was only because of the success of "foreign agents" secular Muslims in planting lies.

    How, then, could hygiene be worth worrying about, if an Islamic book on cleanliness didn't "provide instruction" on it? More on Purification If a person crushes a mosquito on his skin and cannot determine whether the blood there from is the insect's or his own, this blood is pure; but if the time between the bite and the death of the mosquito is so short that no such distinction can be made, the blood is impure. If it's the person's own blood, it's impure and the person must wash himself.

    Khomeini on Urinating and Defecating Urinating and defecating are forbidden in four places: blind alleys, except with the permission of those living along them; the property of a person who has not given permission to do so; places of worship, such as certain madrasas; graves of believers, unless one does so as an insult to them.

    But if one wipes it with a bone, or any sacred object, such as for example, a paper having the name of God on it, one may not say his prayer while in this state. Fischer and Mehdi Abedi compare the status of non-Muslims to dalat or "untouchables" in India, and suggesting its grounded more in culture than theology. There are eleven things which are impure: urine, excrement, sperm, bones, blood, dogs, pigs, non-Moslem men and women, wine, beer, and the sweat of the excrement-eating camel.

    If someone converts to Islam they "automatically" have "a pure body, and pure saliva, nasal secretions, and perspiration.

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    Another restriction gives non-Muslims a major financial incentive to convert to Islam A Moslem will inherit from an infidel but an infidel will not inherit from a Moslem even though he is the deceased's father or son.

    None of my other children who didn't convert will stand to get anything.

    That extends even to my nephew. If he becomes a Muslim, then all my property would go to him, not my own children. Since these songs and music contaminate the airwaves, I do not permit their selling and buying except for those who do not use them unlawfully at all and do not permit their non-religious use by others, either. A woman who has been contracted permanently must not leave the house without the husband's permission and must surrender herself for any pleasure that he wants and must not prevent him from having intercourse with her without a religious excuse.

    And if she obeys the husband in these the provision of her food and clothing and dwelling and other appliances mentioned in books is obligatory for the husband and if he does not provide them he is indebted to the woman, whether or not he can afford them.

    In return he must provide the wife with food, clothing, and a place to live. In addition he must not abstain from having sex with her for longer than four months.

    Kashf ul Asrar ( Urdu Translation with Persian Text ) - Sultan ul Faqr Publications (Reg.)

    On When a Woman Should Get Married A woman should get married shortly after she's reached puberty, or better still, just before. It is recommended that one hurries [sic] in giving husband to a daughter who has attained puberty, meaning that she is of the age of religious accountability. His Holiness, Sadegh [the 6th Imam] salutations to him, bade that it is one of a man's good fortunes that his daughter does not see menses in his own house.

    Nine years old. Khomeini reckons that if a girl has started menstruating, "she has finished the age of nine. And if [the blood] has the signs of menses and she is certain of its menstrual nature she is menstruating and it becomes evident that she has finished the age of nine.

    But his fatwas on them seem oddly matter-of-fact During sexual intercourse, if the penis enters a woman's vagina or a man's anus, fully or only as far as the circumcision ring, both partners become impure, even if they have not reached puberty; they must consequently perform their ablutions. Nor is why the sodomites wouldn't be headed off to get their lashes in punishment rather than worrying about proper cleanliness for salat prayer!

    If a person fornicates with one's paternal or maternal aunt before marrying their daughter, he can no longer marry them [i. There is no concern in the [marriage] contract involving a person who marries his own cousin paternal or maternal and fornicates with their mother before having intercourse with them [his cousin].

    There are restrictions on who the sodomite may marry, but nothing said about punishment. The mother and sister and daughter of a boy who performed sodomy are unlawful to the sodomite even if the doer and giver of sodomy are both minors. Bestiality also seems to get light treatment. Fatwas warn of that sodomized animals are impure 86 , should be "taken out of the city and sold elsewhere" if a horse or mule , or burnt if a cow, sheep or camel , and that the sodomizer has to clean themselves by ritual bathing But the only punishment mentioned for the sodomite is reimbursing the animal's owner if the animal is destroyed.

    If they have intercourse with a cow and sheep and camel their [the animals] urine and dung becomes unclean and drinking their milk will also be unlawful and they [the animals] must be killed and burned without delay, and the person who had intercourse with them must pay money to the owner.

    Further, if he had intercourse with any beast its milk becomes unlawful. Was intergenerational fornication and sodomy even between close relatives so common the fatwas were necessary to sort out restrictions on the different variations?

    Is that why Khomeini makes no mention of punishment for fornication? Had he given up on enforcing that and just hoped the fornicators were ritually clean for their prayers?

    Or did Khomeini not talk about punishments because Islamic government was not in power and not in a position to enforce them? Khomeini on Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil Traditionally Muslims are commanded not just to preach to others, but to command them to do what is good and not do what is evil - evil being both acts universally agreed to be crimes larceny, rape, murder, etc , and religious sins eating pork, drinking wine, ignoring fast during the holy months of Ramadan, etc.

    Khomeini's guidelines on how to deal with sinners start with giving them a warning, then "refraining from conversing" with them, then "breaking all relations with the sinner" , and work their way up to "beating the sinner" , and finally "wounding and slaying" them. On Slavery The idea that slavery no longer exists in Islam not withstanding, the book's index lists eight questions and clarifications under the heading of slavery.

    The book was originally published in ! One confusing example concerns the importance of sellers being able to deliver their goods And in the case other than a slave it is difficult. Khomeini's fatwas discriminating against non-Muslims we are told are part of the "defenses of Islam," which "meld easily into a defiance of colonial subjugation. A testament to the shrewdness of Khomeini and the haplessness of his royal opponent perhaps.

    Borujerdi, with a Foreword by Michael M.

    Kashful asrar by khomeini in urdu pdf free

    More on the point of view of the authors of the forward to the English language edition of Risaleh Towzih al-Masa'il. Some of these rules are also defenses of Islam, and meld easily into a defiance of colonial subjugation. Anything that contributes to political, economic and commercial dominance by non-Muslims is forbidden Problems , and this includes dealing with puppets of the great powers, among which Khomeini primarily mentions Israel It was compiled by Ali Asghar Karabaschi as a layman's abstraction from a turn of the century text, Sayyid Kazem Yazdi's d.

    In this form, it is thus a very new genre of book. Since the s, every senior cleric with claims to being an ayatollah or marja-i taqlid, has issued a nearly identical Risaleh Towzih al-Masa'il. Kor; and that is a volume of water that fill at least a container measuring 3.

    If it comes into contact with unclean substance, it remains clean unless its color, taste, or smell is changed. The man or woman in the streets of Iran knows but one universe, i. The more educated ones may know of the two universes involved, i. Borujerdi writing Translator's note, p. The Last Revolution c, p. Abul-Hasan Isfahani.

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    Khomeini wrote it in Arabic "to get past Iranian censors" in while he was in exile in Bursa, Turkey. Curiously, though the makers of the English translation of Resaleh describe Tahrir al-Vasileh, "rather than his Resaleh Towzih al-Masael," as the book that "secured" Khomeini's "reputation in the early s," [4D] Resaleh Towzih al-Masael was the book they translated.